What is Connectwise Manage - Overview (2023)

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December 26, 2019

Last year we got a ton of new developments in the realm of help desk solutions. Some new platforms started to gain traction and there were dead tools we’d never see a comeback. So, where does Connectwise Manage stand in all of this? Well, this is precisely what we will be figuring out today.

In today's overview, we’ll focus on the core features, on the technical side of things, and finally, what benefits can you expect from this system. Alright then, enough with the introductions, let’s dive into the analysis.

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What is Connectwise Manage?

To begin with, let’s take a look at what Connectwise Manage is and what it promises to do. So, long story short, Connectwise Manage is a dedicated business process platform tool that can help you with sales, collaboration, and communication. The key aspect of the system is that it allows you to centralize data from across multiple channels, and provide real-time visibility in operations.

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The dashboard of ConnectWise Manage. Source: Software Advice

Connectwise ticketing system was built to accommodate a large amount of user-generated content. This means that it is not only powerful but ready to be employed in a large organization that has a high volume of tickets. Outside of tickets, companies get access to Connectwise workflow rules that they can use to eliminate mundane work and unnecessary steps in complex tasks.

Lastly, the tool can be employed as an employee management tool as it also incorporates features such as time tracking, billing and invoicing capabilities, remote and local asset monitoring, and procurement functions.

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Key ConnectWise Manage Differences

After we’ve learned what the tool is all about, it is time we take a look at what makes the tool different from the competition.

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And the first thing we’d like to point out is consistency. For instance, the system makes sure that each and every interaction with the customer is recorded. It starts tracking consumers as soon as they become leads and up until the order is done. Also as part of this characteristic is the fact that everything is standardized, meaning your customers will get the same treatment every time they decide to interact with you.

The second benefit Connectwise software brings is the ability to improve your relationship with your customers. The way it does it tailors your services and products to your consumers based on their interactions and historical data. Outside of that, data from ConnectWise Manage sales and marketing functionality is also gathered, meaning no corner left untouched. Thus, you can deliver a more streamlined, personalized, and accelerated service.

Lastly, the tool will boost your productivity. This is something not many Connectwise reviews cover, so here’s the gist of it. ConnectWise Manage can improve employee and operational productivity by using a set of automations and centralization of information. These functions will free up hands and will allow you to solve issues that machines cannot. Outside of that, you also get access to a ton of statistical data that you can use to corner out the key bottleneck.

Connectwise Manage Key Features

Now, for the most interesting part of this analysis/overview. Features. It goes without saying, features make the tool and thankfully, Connectwise Manage has some of the best ones. We’ll categorize them based on the functionality itself and the area of effect.

Customer Agreements

Connectwise Manage can automate not only customer contracts but billing as well. The system comes with a wide range of templates you can use, and in case you need to, it can be customized to meet your needs. This module can also prioritize issues, meaning your customer’s expectations will be met.

What is Connectwise Manage - Overview (3)

The examples of default Customer Agreements. Source: Connectwise

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Account Management

Similarly to what Zendesk offers, Connectwise Manage can store all customer data into one hub. The information stored includes things such as purchases, communications, tickets, among other things. With this info at your disposal, agents won’t have to repeat themselves every time they talk to your customers. This system can also give you an overview of the entire serving process, which means you can see what steps are irrelevant and what things can be corrected. Lastly, if data is available, you can view the financial status of your buyers to make more informed discount decisions.

Help Desk

Just like other tools on the market, Connectwise can track tickets from across multiple channels. Whether someone submits an issue through a social media platform or directly to you, Connectwise Manage will follow it effortlessly. To manage said tickets, the tool comes with a robust dashboard implementation. By using this board, your team will have a good view of the issues themselves, as well as who is solving them at the moment to prevent intrusions.

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Help desk ticket menu. Source: G2

Sales and Marketing

Fourth on our list is the dedicated sales and marketing module. Essentially, this tool allows you to track all kinds of sales opportunities thanks to the fact that it allows you to analyze how your marketing efforts are working out. And it’s not just your campaigns, with the ability to customize HTML email templates, you can target select audiences more thoroughly.

Project Management

Perhaps the most underlooked feature is the project management system. It allows you to view your resources, your potential roadblocks, and even your timelines, complete with statuses. With this feature, you will make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and no aspect of your business is overlooked. The project management tool will make sure all of your offerings are consistent and quality always high.

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Project Management. Source: G2

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Reporting and Analytics Module

There is no such thing as a help desk tool without a dedicated reporting and analytics module. Connectwise Manage allows you to track how many assets you have, how many you can dispatch, as well as what is your potential capacity for the upcoming season. Outside of this, scheduled custom reports are also possible thanks to the included template editor.

What is Connectwise Manage - Overview (6)

View reports on your agents, customers, productivity, and lot more. Source: Source Forge

Technical details

In this day of age, if your tool doesn’t work on a popular platform or doesn’t have at least three types of billing methods, you are doomed. Thankfully, Connectwise Manage manages to deliver almost on all fronts. Here’s how the system looks from the technical side of things.

Devices SupportedDeployment MethodsLanguage SupportedPricing Model AvailableCustomer Types




Cloud Hosted OnlyEnglishMonthly payment

Annual Subscription


Small Business

Medium Business

As you can see, the tool is pretty good but it does lack an on-premise deployment method (something IT companies will severely miss) and it only supports one language. But that’s nothing that can be viewed as deal-breaking in our opinion.

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ConnectWise Pricing

Let’s get this straight, Connectwise cost per user rates aren’t available to the public and you have to ask for them individually. But judging from the features, we’d guesstimate around $39 user/month price tag for the Connectwise Manage Standard plan. Here’s what you get for the money:

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  • Ticketing
  • Project & Opportunity Management
  • Asset Management (Configurations)
  • Finance & Billing
  • Email Connector
  • Workflow Automation
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Mobile Application
  • Everything in Basic Plus..
  • ConnectWise Chat
  • Agreement Management
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • GL Integration
  • Change Approvals
  • User-Based Billing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Office 365 Billing, Monitoring, and Management

A solid list of functions, indeed. The premium plan also has all of this but adds a few sophisticated functions such as Cloud Infrastructure Billing, Monitoring, and Management but these aren’t essential so for our money, opting for the Standard plan will serve you right.

Final Notes

And this brings us to a conclusion. As you can see, Connectwise Manage is a pretty solid tool that is only dragged down by it’s lack of language support and on-premise deployment method. Other than that, users get access to a robust feature suite that will help them reach new heights. If you feel like this is the system for you, we can help you move your data effortlessly. So, be sure to leave us a message and we’ll get you started!


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