Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (2023)

Most online stores rely on product pages. These pages work like a Swiss Army knife, providing visitors with everything they may need: product images, a product description, key details (price, features, customization options, etc.) and navigation links that allow the visitor to quickly access other areas of your site.

All this content is necessary, but it can also be overwhelming. A large amount of information, even if it’s helpful, often results in analysis paralysis rather than a sale.

That’s why, in addition to product pages, you should be using landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

A landing page is designed for a specific campaign, such as a series of ads or an email blast. Landing pages are more like a power drill than a Swiss Army knife — they only have one use, but they’re extremely effective.

While product pages need to be informative, landing pages are entirely focused on conversion. They’re stripped of all distracting details, presenting only the minimum content required to persuade the visitor to order your product, sign up for your newsletter or perform whatever other action it is that you want them to perform.

Let's check out some of the best eCommerce landing pages of 2020, and what you can learn from them as we enter 2021.

The Essential Elements of a High-Converting Landing Page

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (1)

This looks good enough to be a real ecomerce landing page -- but read closer, it's a blueprint

The most successful ecommerce landing pages all pull from the same list of ingredients, which includes:

  • One clear call-to-action (CTA) button: Displaying multiple CTA buttons dilutes the power of your landing page. Instead, give the customer only one option to focus their attention on. Also, the CTA button should be large and use a color that stands out from the background of the page.
  • Zero navigation links: Just as you don’t want multiple CTA buttons directing attention away from your main goal, the visitor shouldn't be able to click through to your homepage, product category pages or any other part of your site. Remove your standard navigation options so that your CTA button is the only available next step.
  • Simple, direct headline: The headline on your landing page should concisely communicate the value of your offer. Use as few words as possible to tell the visitor why they should be interested.
  • Full-width background image: Landing pages are all about grabbing the visitor’s attention — an image of your product that’s as large as their screen will certainly accomplish this task. This image also serves the practical purpose of giving the visitor a good look at what you have to offer. Just make sure it’s high-quality, as pixelation will make you look unprofessional.
  • Social proof: In his bestselling book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” Dr. Robert Cialdini breaks down the six principles of persuasion, one of which is social proof. He cites a study where one person stood on a street corner staring at the sky, and a few people passing by looked up out of curiosity. When five people stood there staring at the sky, almost everyone passing by looked up, too. Similarly, social proof in the form of customer testimonials and positive blurbs from publications can help drum up more conversions.
  • Scarcity: Another one of Dr. Cialdini’s persuasion principles is scarcity. As he puts it, “opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.'' Highlighting a limited-time offer or low inventory will encourage the visitor to act now before it’s too late.
  • Special deals: Even offers that aren’t of the limited-time variety should be included on landing pages. Free shipping and any kind of discount will improve your odds of converting the customer.

The Top 15 Landing Pages of 2021

When designing your own landing pages, it’s helpful to see what other stores are doing for inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the top ecommerce landing pages of 2021 and review what makes them so compelling. We organized them into four categories: instantly clear value proposition, trust seals and social proof, urgency and interactive experience.

Instantly Clear Value Proposition

These companies don’t waste any time getting to the offer.

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1. HelloFresh: Bold design and persuasive copy

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (2)

This HelloFresh landing page is a prime example of simple, bold design. The full-width background image features a fresh and tasty-looking meal and entices the visitor to try the service. The “Cooking as Easy as Eating” headline is as short as it is persuasive, and the “Get Started” CTA button stands out with both its size and a color that sharply contrasts with the background.

2. Ipsy: Free shipping, no commitment

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (3)

Like the best full-width background images for landing pages, Ipsy shows the visitor just what they’re missing out on. Promises of “Free U.S. Shipping” and “Cancel Anytime” make the visitor even more inclined to subscribe to the beauty subscription service.

3. Winc: Three-word headline, plus $20 off

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (4)

You know by now that it’s important for landing pages to have a concise headline. Well, it doesn’t get much more concise than three words. With “Unbox, Uncork, Enjoy,” Winc provides a full description of its subscription service faster than you can say “one Mississippi.”

If the thought of relaxing with a glass of wine delivered straight to their doorstep wasn’t enough to convert the visitor, a banner at the top of the page promising $20 off their first order is there to give them an extra push.

4. FabFitFun: Quadruple the value

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (5)

FabFitFun is a monthly subscription service that caters to users who love wellness, beauty and fashion. On this landing page, FabFitFun show the visitor exactly what it provides and communicates the value of its service with language such as “$200+ Value For $49.99 USD” and “Shipping is free in the contiguous US.”

5. Axis: No jargon, no problem

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (6)

The Axis Gear is a device that automates window blinds. You can set your blinds to open and close on a schedule and even integrate them with other smart home devices.

With an innovative tech product like this, it’s tempting to immediately start explaining all the exciting features and benefits to visitors. Axis wisely avoids this temptation in its Gear landing page. The company sticks with a succinct description in the premium real estate at the top of the page and saves the details for below the fold. This allows them to hold the attention of visitors and increase its conversion rate.

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Trust Seals and Social Proof

These companies display why consumers (and their friends) should buy from and trust them.

6. SparkPeople: Approved by U.S. News & World Report

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (7)

In this SparkPeople landing page, you see many of the elements featured in the examples above: a striking full-width background image, a prominent CTA button and a concise headline.

The page also includes what’s known as a trust seal by featuring a “U.S. News: Best Diets” badge. By showing visitors they’ve earned the approval of a renowned publication like U.S. News & World Report, SparkPeople helps convince visitors that its diet and fitness plan is worthwhile to purchase.

7. Eat for Abs: See what you can get, and trust the experts

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (8)

The landing page for “Eat for Abs,” a book published by the mass media giant Hearst Communications, serves as another crash course in simplicity. The background image of sculpted abs reminds visitors of what the product can do for them, and the Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines logos at the top of the page are potent trust seals.

8. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: Available through brands you trust

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (9)

Here’s a landing page for Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution, a dog-training service. By highlighting that “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” is available through top book sellers including Barnes & Noble and Penguin Random House they help increase the legitimacy of the product.

Note that this page also uses the logos of the book sellers instead of listing them in plain text. These visual trust seals make the legitimacy effect more pronounced.

9. Casper: One million customers can’t be wrong

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (10)

With a few quick bursts of copy, Casper covers all the bases of exceptional landing page design. The mattress company promotes “Loved & trusted by over 1 million customers” for social proof, along with attractive deals such as “Free shipping and returns” and “Sleep on it for 100 nights, zero commitment.”

On top of that, there are high-authority trust seals from the likes of Timeand Good Housekeeping magazines. It’s truly an impressive display.

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These landing pages use time-sensitive, urgent words that sell and offers to lure users in.

10. Doodly: Limited time special offer, one-time price only

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (11)

Doodly is a doodle video creation software. With urgent language at the top of the page, such as “Limited Time Special Offer” and “One-Time Price Only,” this landing page immediately encourages the visitor to make a purchase now rather than later.

The headline does a good job at communicating the value of Doodly as well, quickly getting to the point that the product is both powerful and easy to use.

Finally, Doodly uses the Provely app to add social proof with pop-ups describing the name and location of people who recently purchased the product. This is a very efficient way to show visitors that other people have made the decision to buy Doodly, so maybe they should, too.

11. Blue Apron: Mouth-watering images, sign up now!

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (12)

By this point, you may have noticed a pattern: Food-related retailers tend to use perfectly staged photos of the meals they offer possible on their landing pages. The sight of good food can easily cause cravings and convince visitors to pull the trigger on an order, so this is only common sense. If you run a food-related store, you should do the same.

This Blue Apron landing page also employs the urgency tactic well with “Join Now and Get $60 Off” in the CTA button and “This offer expires soon” below it.

12. Flaviar: Beat the clock

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (13)

Flaviar uses a countdown clock feature to emphasize the scarcity of the rare whiskies featured on its “From the Vault” landing page.

When the Vault is closed, the clock counts down the minutes that remain until it’s open, which builds anticipation for the release of its products. When the Vault is open, the clock counts down to when it will be closed again, putting pressure on the visitor to buy now.

Interactive Experience

These landing pages make engagement with the user a top priority.

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13. Airbnb: Find out how much money you can make

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (14)

Airbnb was smart to include a specific dollar amount for how much hosts can earn by renting their property in this landing page.

A vague offer to earn more money is somewhat enticing, but telling visitors exactly how much they can earn is much more powerful. That way, visitors can envision what the money would enable them to buy, and the thought of those physical items may very well convince them to click “Get started.”

14. Netflix: Visualize the offer

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (15)

Netflix’s homepage is designed like a landing page for new users. The streaming service cleverly uses imagery to support its copy and get the point across.

The simple timeline chart helps visitors visualize how long they’ll be able to take advantage of their free trial. And if they’re worried they’ll forget about the trial and be charged for the first month, Netflix alleviates those concerns with the promise of a reminder email three days before the trial ends, which is also clearly displayed on the chart.

15. Gwynnie Bee: Personalized service

Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (16)

The clothing rental subscription service Gwynnie Bee shows that there are exceptions to every rule in ecommerce.

Usually, you should only have one button on your landing pages. However, this Gwynnie Bee landing page has three buttons, which it uses to kick off a survey. The multi-button approach works in this case, as they all essentially go to the same place and they emphasize the personalized nature of this service.

Now Go - Design Your Own Landing Pages

If you don’t have any experience with web development, don’t fret; you can still create top tier landing pages like the examples above for your website.

The fastest way to create professional-level landing pages is by using a page builder app. These tools allow you to completely design landing pages from scratch using a drag-and-drop platform — no coding necessary.

When you start creating your own pages, follow the latest landing page best practices to make sure you’re optimizing your site to maximize your conversions.

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Top Ecommerce Landing Pages of 2021 & Why They Work (17)

Adam Ritchie is a freelance writer based in Silver Spring, Maryland. He currently writes for Shogun, and his previous clients include Groupon, Clutch and Showbiz Cheat Sheet.


What makes a great landing page 2021? ›

Include social proof and testimonials to back up your claims. Focus the whole page on a single offer, with just one primary call to action (CTA). Use a conversion-centered layout to make your CTA stand out (think about whitespace, color, contrast, and directional cues). Test new ideas using A/B testing.

What makes a great ecommerce landing page? ›

Good eCommerce landing pages focus on what visitors will gain instead of making the focus on the brand itself. It also uses high-quality photos, enough white space, clear call-to-action prompts and social proof.

Who has the best landing page? ›

Here are seven of the best landing page builders out there, and why each one is worth checking out.
  • Unbounce – Best For CRO. ...
  • Clickfunnels – Best For Driving Sales Leads. ...
  • Wix – Best For Beginners. ...
  • Convert Kit – Best For Driving Email Signups. ...
  • Divi – Best For WordPress. ...
  • Instapage – Best For Agencies.
10 Jun 2022

What were 3 of the key elements to a landing page? ›

Landing pages are most successful when created with certain essential elements. Clear and compelling copy, concise forms and the perfect call-to-action are three essentials elements that you must consider when creating a landing page for your small business' next marketing campaign.

What are the five 5 success factors of e-commerce businesses? ›

Six factors in ecommerce success:
  • Regulation of product pricing. It's natural for customers to compare prices between brands. ...
  • Maintaining high quality products. ...
  • Improving store accessibility. ...
  • Making a wonderful first impression. ...
  • Securing your shipments. ...
  • Taking advantage of m-commerce.
8 Aug 2017

What top 5 features are a must for any e-commerce site? ›

Here are the five most critical elements that every e-commerce website should have:
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design. ...
  • High-quality images and videos. ...
  • User-friendly navigation, search, and product filtering. ...
  • FAQ section. ...
  • Enticing product descriptions.
22 Sept 2021

What are the 7 unique features of e-commerce? ›

The seven unique features are Ubiquity, Global Reach, Universal Standards, Richness, Interactivity, Information Density, and Personalization / Customization.

What is the highest converting landing page? ›

According to Larry Kim at Wordstream, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, while the top 25% convert at 5.31% or higher. The top 10% are pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher. And that's what you need to aim for.

What makes a strong landing page? ›

A good landing page should have a strong offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in clear and concise terms. The landing page headline and subheadings provide a key opportunity to promote the value of your offer.

What is the most important part of a landing page? ›

The call-to-action (CTA) is arguably the most important element on your landing page — it's one of many elements that encourage conversion. The CTA button needs to stand out, meaning you should use a color that contrasts with other elements on the page.

What is the difference between a landing page and a website? ›

As opposed to homepages and websites, which are designed for exploration, landing pages are customized to a specific campaign or offer and guide visitors towards a single call to action. In short, landing pages are designed for conversion.

What are the key components of a landing page? ›

The essential components of an effective landing page are:
  • A main headline and a supporting headline.
  • A unique selling proposition.
  • The benefits of your offering.
  • Images or video showing context of use.
  • Social proof.
  • A reinforcement statement.
  • A closing argument.
  • A call to action.

What are three types of landing pages? ›

The three main types of landing pages are splash pages, squeeze pages, and sales pages. A marketing campaign could use one or multiple types of landing pages, depending on the CTA.

What is important on a landing site? ›

Keep the headlines, the main message, and the call-to-action (CTA) above the fold for a better chance of a conversion. For SEO purposes, the headline must be clear, concise, and include the main keyword. Every landing page should be optimized for a single goal.

Which two items are needed to optimize the landing page? ›

Requirements for an optimized PPC landing page include: A strong headline that is relevant to your PPC keyword and ad text and compels the visitor to stay with you. Clean, attractive design that looks trustworthy and professional and is consistent with your brand.

What is KPI in ecommerce? ›

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are like milestones on the road to online retail success. Monitoring them will help ecommerce entrepreneurs identify progress toward sales, marketing, and customer service goals. KPIs should be chosen and monitored depending on your unique business goals.

What are the four pillars of e-commerce? ›

Every e-commerce business stands on 4 pillars: Profitability, Productivity, Payment, and Personalisation.

What are the 3 trends that will shape e-commerce in 2022? ›

But as we look into the ecommerce trends for 2022, we see a steep rise in the adoption of mobile commerce, artificial intelligence for immersive shopping, the use of chatbots for conversational marketing and social selling.

What are the four 4 essentials of an online store? ›

7 Essential Elements For E-Commerce Websites
  • User Friendly. If your store is easy to navigate, you will have a greater chance of making a sale from the start. ...
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout Process. ...
  • Mobile Compatibility. ...
  • Calls to Action (CTA) ...
  • Images and Descriptions. ...
  • Customer Support. ...
  • Security and Privacy.

Which are best 10 features to have for every website? ›

Top 10 Things Every Website Needs
  • Helpful navigation. ...
  • Strong brand identity. ...
  • High-quality content. ...
  • A blog. ...
  • Clear calls-to-action. ...
  • Contact information. ...
  • Social media buttons. ...
  • Security features. This is something that's most important to websites where visitors may enter credit card or other sensitive information.

What are 3 key success factors for creating an effective eCommerce website? ›

Top 8 eCommerce Website Success Factors
  • Quick Load Time. It's a sobering fact that you could lose 40% of your shoppers if your site takes more than three seconds to load. ...
  • Mobile Responsive. ...
  • Easy Check-out. ...
  • Clear calls-to-action. ...
  • Secure Shopping. ...
  • Social Sharing. ...
  • Product Reviews. ...
  • High Visibility Contact Info.
6 Apr 2016

What are the 3 stages of e-commerce? ›

Stage 1 – Start-up & fast growth. Stage 2 – Plateauing growth or consolidation. Stage 3 – Renewed growth by implementing change (new platforms, features, resources/people or strategies)

What are the 3 elements of e-commerce? ›

The three elements of ecommerce laid out in this article are: customer experience, back-end integration, and digital marketing. These 3 elements combined ensures that your e-commerce business will connect and convert potential customers that are visiting your online store.

What are the 3 types of e-commerce? ›

There are three main types of e-commerce: business-to-business (websites such as Shopify), business-to-consumer (websites such as Amazon), and consumer-to-consumer (websites such as eBay).

What are 3 main differences between a website and a landing page? ›

Here are 4 of the most common differences between a homepage and a landing page: Landing pages have no navigation — Homepages do. Landing page traffic comes from ads — Homepage traffic comes from many sources. Landing pages are separate from a business' website — Homepages are the front page of a business' website.

Do landing pages increase sales? ›

The click-through landing pages encourage the leads to convert to a sale. The page contains details about the offer, focusing on the benefits the product offers, and general details about the product or service. This page consists of a button that leads the visitor to a page where they can make a purchase.

How do you attract people to your landing page? ›

Jump to a Way to Drive More Traffic
  1. Paid search ads.
  2. Paid social ads.
  3. Display advertising.
  4. Retargeting ads.
  5. Newsletter sponsorships.
  6. Podcast sponsorships.
  7. Post on your company's social channels.
  8. Create Twitter threads.
24 May 2021

What is a landing page 2022? ›

A landing page is a purpose-built web page for the promotion of a specific product or campaign. It's the page that a visitor 'lands on' after clicking on a link in a marketing email, Google ad, native ad, social media ad or post, or any other advertising link.

How many landing pages can a website have? ›

According to research, business websites with 10 to 15 landing pages will increase conversions by 55%. Additionally, websites with over 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%. A single landing page won't cater to an entire target audience, and there's no limit to how many landing pages you should have.

Can a landing page exist without a website? ›

A landing page can be part of a website, but you also don't need a website to have a landing page. The key difference between the two is the ability to focus your visitors' attention on the action you want them to take.

Can landing pages replace a website? ›

It's a good question, with a simple answer. You CAN use a landing page to create a simple website. BUT you probably won't get the results you want. Remember, websites and landing pages serve different purposes, different goals, and different audiences.

What are the principles of landing? ›

The 5 Principles of a Landing Page Design
  • Keep It Simple. Let's take a look at the landing page below for Chase. ...
  • Limit Your CTAs. If you recall Chase's landing page, you'll realize something else that the company did incorrectly: the landing page has multiple CTAs. ...
  • Visual Hierarchy. ...
  • Put the User first. ...
  • Be Eye-Catching.
18 Jul 2019

What are the characteristics of a good landing page experience? ›

Relevant and original content, Easy to navigate, Transparent about the client's business are the attributes that describe a good landing page experience. A good landing page experience means that users can quickly find the necessary information, and the provided materials are useful.

Which is the most important purpose of a landing page? ›

The goal of a landing page is to convert visitors, so it's an essential tool to have at your disposal for all types of marketing campaigns. A landing page is a standalone web page that a person "lands" on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location.

What are the most important elements of a landing page? ›

The essential components of an effective landing page are:
  • A main headline and a supporting headline.
  • A unique selling proposition.
  • The benefits of your offering.
  • Images or video showing context of use.
  • Social proof.
  • A reinforcement statement.
  • A closing argument.
  • A call to action.

Which is the most important function of landing page? ›

The main purpose of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take action. This action is usually related to lead generation or sales. You can use a landing page, for example, to encourage people to sign up for your webinar, grab a free trial, or download an ebook.

How can I improve my landing page bounce rate? ›

18 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate in Your Website
  1. Try to understand why visitors are leaving so early. ...
  2. Design a better user experience. ...
  3. Make sure your website is responsive. ...
  4. Include a clear call-to-action. ...
  5. Check the readability of your text. ...
  6. Build some landing pages. ...
  7. Rethink your product pages. ...
  8. Do some A/B testing.
10 Jan 2022

What are the biggest landing page mistakes? ›

Landing page mistake #1: Too many conversion goals. Landing page mistake #2: Assuming shorter forms convert better. Landing page mistake #3: Including a navigation menu and footer. Landing page mistake #4: Not matching ad copy with landing page copy.


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