The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (2023)

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (1)

Most of the security cameras on the market right now are compatible with either Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant (or both), but there are many homes that don’t use either one of those smart home ecosystems—they use Apple HomeKit instead. However, that doesn’t mean security cameras compatible with HomeKit don’t exist; you just have to dig a little deeper to find them. Luckily, you don’t have to do the painstaking research because we’ve done it for you!

Update, 5/17/22: We have just learned about the Eve Outdoor Camera, and will be taking a look at the camera for consideration in this article.
Warning: We no longer recommend security camerasmanufactured by Wyze and eufy. We’re currently evaluating replacement options and will update this article when suitable alternatives are available.

What to Look For in Security Cameras That Work With Apple HomeKit

With so many security cameras to choose from, it can be intimidating to make the final decision, especially when looking for one that specifically works with Apple HomeKit. Here’s everything you need to pay attention to when shopping for home security cameras:

  • Compatibility:When it comes to choosing a security camera for your home, compatibility is key. If a security camera isn’t compatible with HomeKit, it’s automatically crossed off your list. All of the entries on our list are compatible with HomeKit, but if you do some searching on your own beyond that, be sure to verify compatibility before you purchase. Additionally, some are compatible with HomeKit, but only if you purchase a separate hub, so pay attention to whether or not you’ll need to make any extra purchases on top of the security camera itself.
  • Resolution:A security camera is pretty much worthless if you can’t make out a person’s face or other important details when you’re watching a recorded video. So it’s important to make sure your camera has at least 1080p resolution. Although there are security cameras out there with 2K video resolution, most HomeKit-compatible cameras max out at 1080p, including all options on this list.
  • Field of View:Similarly, you’ll want to note how much area your security camera can capture. Field of view is expressed in degrees, and the larger the number, the greater area your camera has in its view. If you want to see more of what’s happening inside or outside your home, opt for a security camera with a larger field of view.
  • Special Features:Most security cameras come with a companion mobile app, where you can view a live feed of what’s going on in front of your camera, see and save past videos, or even talk to someone at the door when you’re not home. It’s worth noting that not all security cameras will offer the same special features, so be sure to read through a description of what its app can do. With some cameras, you can get notifications when motion is detected, have a built-in floodlight that turns on with motion, and more.
  • Subscription Fee: Many security cameras offer customers an optional subscription service that you have to pay monthly or yearly. Without a paid subscription, most security cameras will still operate as a live feed if you pull up its companion app on your phone. However, if you want access to additional useful features—like cloud storage, person detection, or motion detection—you’ll need to fork over a few extra bucks on the regular. Be sure to verify whether the security camera you’re looking at will require a paid subscription, especially if those are features you’re interested in.

Best Overall Indoor Camera: Eve Cam

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (2)


  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in mic and speaker for two-way communication
  • Night vision up to 16.4 feet away


  • Requires iCloud+ plan and home hub device
  • No local storage

The Eve Cam is designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit, but it does require a home hub in the form of a HomePod (discontinued),HomePod Mini, or Apple TV. The camera also requires a 200GB Apple iCloud storage plan, which costs $2.99 per month.

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It has a small form factor and won’t take up much room wherever you decide to place it inside your home. Videos recorded with the Eve Cam are in 1080p resolution and have a 150-degree field of view. Then, you can choose to record every motion that’s detected automatically to ensure you have all the footage you need in case of an emergency.

The camera is smart enough to distinguish between people and pets, so you won’t get a notification every time your pet walks in front of the camera. You’ll get notifications through the Eve app (iOS), and you can always turn off the camera when you’re home to stop motion notifications and keep your personal life private.

There’s also a built-in microphone and speaker, which makes two-way communication possible via the mobile app between someone in your home and you. So if you need to remotely scold a dog for being on the couch or a kid for picking on their sibling, you can easily do that. Plus, even if it’s dark inside your home, the Eve Cam has night vision up to five meters out, so it can catch every important detail.

Best Overall Indoor Camera

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (4)

Eve Cam

The Eve Cam is specifically designed for Apple HomeKit and is a fantastic option to monitor events inside your home.

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Best Budget Indoor Camera: eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (5)


  • Super affordable & no monthly fee
  • Local and cloud storage options
  • Night-vision and two-way communication


  • 2K possible resolution, but max of 1080p with HomeKit
  • Not compatible with eufy Security's HomeBase

If you’re on a budget, eufy Security’s Solo IndoorCam C24 is the best choice for an indoor security camera. Most other security cameras that work with Apple HomeKit are over $150 regular price, but this camera from eufy Security comes in at under $50. Such a steal!

Despite saving money, you still get a ton of great features that you often see with other, more expensive cameras. Through the eufy Security app (Android/iOS), you can monitor the live feed and speak in real-time using two-way audio between your phone and the camera.

The Solo IndoorCam C24 can output 2K video resolution, but when using HomeKit, the resolution maxes out at 1080p. There’s also built-in AI technology that helps detect whether a human or a pet is in front of the camera and tries to only record events that it thinks you’ll want to see.

Even if it’s dark in your home in the middle of the night, the camera will still pick up important details. Those details can then be stored virtually in the cloud or locally with an SD card, which you’ll have to buy separately.

Best Budget Indoor Camera

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (6)

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eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24

If you're looking to save money while still keeping an eye on your home, go for eufy Security's Solo IndoorCam C24.

Best Doorbell Camera: Logitech Circle View Doorbell

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (7)


  • Sleek and small form factor
  • Customizable activity zones
  • Quite easy to install


  • Requires iCloud+ plan and home hub device
  • Wired option only, no battery option

Logitech’s Circle View Doorbell is the perfect option for those who want a sleek, no-fuss camera integrated into their current doorbell. Because this is a wired doorbell, you’ll need an existing doorbell to attach the current wiring to Logitech’s doorbell. There could be a battery-powered version in the future, but right now, wired is the only option.

Although installation requires messing with your current doorbell’s wiring and possibly using some power tools, it’s actually a pretty simple process. And once it’s set up, you’ll be able to use its camera features and hear your doorbell chime just like before. And with its IP65 weather-resistant rating, Logitech’s Circle View Doorbell can stand up to most weather year-round.

When viewing a live feed of the camera through its mobile app (Android/iOS), you’ll be able to communicate with whoever’s at the door via two-way audio. Also, in order to make sure you don’t get notifications for absolutely everything, Logitech’s Circle View products let you set up activity zones, which only notify you when someone enters your activity zone on camera.

You can view the last 24 recorded hours of your security camera footage whenever you want to from the mobile app. Thankfully, that video is in 1080p resolution, and the built-in 4K LED night light helps the camera pick up more in the dark.

If you want 14 days’ worth of cloud storage, you’ll have to subscribe to Logitech’s Circle Safe Basic planfor $3.99 per month. Or, you could spend $9.99 per month to get 31 days of cloud storage history, as well as person detection and motion zone features. However, keep in mind that you’ll already be required to have an iCloud+ plan ($2.99 per month) and a home hub for HomeKit, like Apple TV or a HomePod Mini.

Best Doorbell Camera

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (8)

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

Doorbell cameras are a sleek, compact option for your home, and this one from Logitech works well with Apple HomeKit.

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Best Overall Outdoor Camera: Logitech Circle View Weatherproof Cam

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (9)


  • Wide 180-degree field-of-view
  • IP64 weatherproof rating for the body
  • Customizable activity zones


  • Requires iCloud+ plan and home hub device

Because Logitech’s Weatherproof Cam comes from the same Circle View series as the doorbell above, many of the features between the two models are the same. This means that this Logitech camera also requires an iCloud+ subscription ($2.99 per month) and a home hub for Apple HomeKit in order to function properly.

If you’re specifically looking for a camera to go outside your home, Logitech’s Weatherproof Cam is a fantastic option because, well, it’s weatherproof (IP64). In addition to the ability to withstand all types of weather, this camera also has a 180-degree field of view and 1080p HD resolution, so video footage comes across clearly and captures nearly everything.

When it’s dark outside, you can still get visible footage sent to the Logi Circle app (Android/iOS) with infrared-powered night vision that can capture details from 15 feet away. The camera also comes with a tilt feature, which makes it easy to position the camera just right and allows you to get the best view from your front door.

Best Overall Outdoor Camera

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (10)

Logitech Circle View Weatherproof Cam

An outdoor camera needs to be weatherproof and have a great video resolution, and Logitech's Circle View Cam ticks those two boxes.

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Best For Whole Home Security: eufy Security eufyCam 2 Pro 4-Cam Kit

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (11)


  • 365-day battery life from one charge
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • IP67 weatherproof rating


  • Super expensive (but no monthly fee)
  • 2K possible resolution, but max of 1080p with HomeKit

When it comes to home security, eufy is easily one of the best brands out there, and that’s because you pay a one-time fee for all the features you need. There’s no monthly subscription plan that gives you more cloud storage or extra features that seem like they should be included in the initial price. TheeufyCam 2 Pro 4-Cam Kit is expensive, but it’s worth it for two reasons: it’s awesome, and you’ll only have to pay the company once and you’re done.

This security system comes with four cameras (all of which are the eufyCam 2 Pro) and aHomeBase 2 from eufy to sync up all your cameras and make the system compatible with Apple HomeKit. Each camera has advanced night vision features and is capable of a 2K resolution but can only display a 1080p resolution with HomeKit.

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Because each eufyCam 2 Pro has an IP67 weatherproof rating, you can use these cameras inside or outside; it’ll depend on where you feel you need the most coverage in your home. You can also set up customized activity zones for each camera that alert you when someone enters the zone. eufy Security’s AI technology in these cameras is brilliant, allowing the camera to differentiate between humans and pets and sometimes even identify the human in the shot.

If someone you don’t know enters one of your customized activity zones, you’ll get an alert on your phone via the eufy Security app (Android/iOS). With two-way audio, you can speak to them remotely, whether you’re safely behind the door in your home or away at work. Also, all of your cameras should last about a year before the batteries need to be recharged.

Best For Whole Home Security

The Best Security Cameras That Work With Apple Homekit (13)

(Video) The EufyCam 2 PRO HomeKit User Review - Wire-Free 2K Cameras w/ 365 Days of Battery Life!

eufy Security eufyCam 2 Pro 4-Cam Kit

If you want to monitor your entire home, inside and outside, consider investing in the eufyCam 2 Pro Kit that comes with four cameras.


Which cameras work best with Apple HomeKit? ›

The best HomeKit cameras in 2022
  1. Logitech Circle View. The best HomeKit camera overall. ...
  2. EVE Outdoor Cam. The best HomeKit floodlight camera. ...
  3. Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. Our favorite smart doorbell for HomeKit. ...
  4. Aquara Camera Hub G2H. ...
  5. Eufy Solo C24. ...
  6. Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera NOC-S. ...
  7. Eufy eufyCam 2C Pro. ...
  8. Ecobee SmartCamera.
18 Oct 2022

What security system is compatible with HomeKit? ›

The only full security system that can be used through HomeKit is abode. What security systems work with Apple HomeKit? While abode is the only security system designed for integration with Apple HomeKit, almost all security systems offer remote control of their systems through iOS apps.

Do Arlo cameras work with Apple HomeKit? ›

With Apple HomeKit and a compatible Arlo device, you can conveniently control and automate your Arlo cameras all from one place. To take full advantage of these features, you need a supported and connected Arlo system. For more information, visit How do I connect my Arlo camera to Apple HomeKit?.

Do Ring cameras work with Apple HomeKit? ›

Ring devices can be integrated into HomeKit using a Homebridge Hub. All it takes is installing a Ring plugin for Homebridge that integrates all Ring products with HomeKit in a matter of minutes. Once set up, you can control all Ring products directly from HomeKit on any Apple device.

Can HomeKit cameras be hacked? ›

All of your smart home devices have layers of protection that make them difficult to penetrate. While there is no such thing as a hack-proof device, the chance of someone actually breaking into your smart home devices is highly unlikely.

What are HomeKit secure video cameras? ›

With HomeKit Secure Video, you can add your home security cameras in the Home app to record your footage and view it from anywhere. It's all end-to-end encrypted, and none of the video counts toward your iCloud storage. You can access HomeKit Secure Video on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV.

Does Apple have a good security system? ›

iOS is a closed system. Apple doesn't release its source code to app developers, and the owners of iPhones and iPads can't easily modify the code on their phones themselves. This makes it more difficult for hackers to find vulnerabilities on iOS-powered devices.

Is Arlo better than Eufy? ›

If you're looking for a new home security system and want something easy to set up, reliable and that has excellent features, then either Eufy or Arlo will work for you. However, with higher video quality and superior smart home integrations, Arlo is overall a better option for home security.

Is Arlo HomeKit ready? ›

To set up an Arlo camera with a setup code:

Tap + > Add Accessory. Scan the HomeKit setup code on your base station or quick start guide. Follow the setup flow to name cameras and place them in HomeKit rooms. Your devices are ready to use with HomeKit.

Can I add nest camera to Apple HomeKit? ›

Nest Cameras work with Apple HomeKit using a Homebridge hub or device. However, Nest cameras cannot natively or directly integrate with Apple HomeKit. What is this? If you wish to, you can purchase the Nest Outdoor Camera (on Amazon) and Nest Indoor Camera (on Amazon).

Does WYZE work with HomeKit? ›

Wyze Cam is currently not compatible with SmartThings or HomeKit. Our engineering team is constantly evaluating these features for future development.

Is Nest compatible with HomeKit? ›

Nest Thermostat works with Apple HomeKit using a Homebridge hub or device. However, Nest does not offer native or direct integration with HomeKit. If you wish to, you can purchase the Nest Thermostat (on Amazon).

What video doorbell works with HomeKit? ›

Wireless, Apple HomeKit and Ring Smart Doorbells
  • Google Assistant(22)
  • Amazon Alexa(40)
  • Ring(11)
  • Nest(11)
  • SmartThings(2)
  • Arlo(2)

Can someone spy on you through your iPhone camera? ›

Can someone hack your phone camera? Once spyware has infected a phone, it can be used to access all device features — including the camera. To prevent hackers spying on you, protect your iPhone with free iOS security, and set up a VPN to encrypt your internet connection.

Can someone hack my phone and see through my camera? ›

Some of them can also activate your phone's camera remotely as long as you have internet access or the app is installed on your device. Here's what can happen if your camera is attacked by spyware: Capture Images: Your camera (either front or back, or both) can be activated remotely by the hacker.

Which security cameras Cannot be hacked? ›

Haicam E23 Encryption Cam

One cool feature in particular, the E23, uses end-to-end encryption to protect your camera's video streams. Translation: Nobody else has access to your live and recorded video footage. In fact, not even the Haicam software engineers are allowed to view your feed or recordings.

Is Blink compatible with Apple? ›

If your device is iOS 14, Android 6.0, Fire OS 7.0 or higher, your device should be compatible. You can check the Operating System version in the System Settings of your device.

Can you have more than 5 cameras on HomeKit? ›

Record video: If you subscribe to iCloud+, you can view the last 10 days of activity from one to an unlimited number of cameras. The 50 GB iCloud+ plan supports a single camera, the 200 GB iCloud+ plan supports up to five cameras, and the 2 TB iCloud+ plan supports an unlimited number of cameras.

Do HomeKit devices work without Internet? ›

In order to control your HomeKit accessories, they would need to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection.

Does Apple or Samsung have better security? ›

Device manufacturers

Apple's mobile devices and their operating systems are inseparable, giving them far more control over how they work together. While iOS device features are more restricted than an Android device, the iPhone's integrated design makes security vulnerabilities far less frequent and harder to find.

How do I watch HomeKit cameras on my TV? ›

Press and hold the TV button on the Siri Remote to open Control Center. Select the HomeKit button . Do either of the following: View live video from a security camera: Select the camera to see a full-screen image and more options.

Is Eufy owned by Amazon? ›

Anker Innovations, a Chinese company, owns and operates the Eufy line of products.

Which brand is best for security cameras? ›

Top 10 CCTV Brands in India and Buying Guide
  • Godrej. ...
  • Samsung. ...
  • Hikvision. ...
  • Zicom. ...
  • TVT. ...
  • Sony. ...
  • Zebronics. The Zebronics company's CCTV cameras are well-known for their high quality and low cost. ...
  • BOSCH. Bosch is a German company whose products are in demand all over the world.
4 Jul 2022

Is Arlo a Chinese company? ›

Arlo Technologies is an American company that makes wireless surveillance cameras.

Is Arlo still free? ›

The 7-day free cloud plan supports up to 5 cameras. If you have more than 5 cameras on your account, you must purchase a plan that supports all 5+ cameras.

Do police have access to Arlo? ›

Arlo told CR that it doesn't share video with law enforcement in emergency situations unless there's user consent or a legally binding order.

Which Arlo cameras work with HomeKit? ›

You need the following to use Arlo with Apple HomeKit:

Arlo Ultra. Arlo Pro 4. Arlo Pro 3. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera.

Is there an Apple version of Nest? ›

HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple's home automation framework that lets you control connected accessories from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, and Siri.

Can you add non HomeKit devices to HomeKit? ›

Homebridge and HOOBS are fantastic solutions. The software allows otherwise totally unsupported devices to be integrated into HomeKit. There are other bridges available, but these tend to be very brand-specific devices. Using HOOBS, you can use almost any smart device with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Does Apple have a Nest equivalent? ›

The Apple HomePod is a better voice assistant speaker than the Google Nest Audio. The Apple speaker has a better-balanced default sound profile, and it has a better soundstage. Its latency over a Wi-Fi connection is lower, so it's more suitable for watching videos.

Can I add SimpliSafe to HomeKit? ›

SimpliSafe works with HomeKit using a Homebridge hub or device. However, SimpliSafe products are not directly compatible with the Apple HomeKit and can only be integrated using Homebridge. This is easily done using the SimpliSafe plugin for Homebridge.

Is Wyze owned by Amazon? ›

(formerly Wyzecam), also known as Wyze, is a U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington, that specializes in smart home products and wireless cameras. Wyze Labs is a small start-up, formed by former Amazon employees. Wyze Labs, Inc.
Wyze Labs.
FoundedJuly 19, 2017
7 more rows

Did Wyze get hacked? ›

A Wyze camera security breach has seen a large amount of personal data leaked for more than 2.4 million users. TwelveSecurity, which detected the breach, says it has never before seen such a serious breach. Both the company's production databases were left entirely open to the internet.

Does Google camera work with HomeKit? ›

One notable feature that's been a wishlist item for many Starling customers is Nest support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video. Now, with the latest 11.0 firmware update, a handful of Google Nest cameras are now compatible with HKSV.

Which doorbell camera works best with Apple? ›

The Logitech Circle View is one of the top options for HomeKit Secure Video doorbells. Logitech is well known in the Apple ecosystem as one of the top device manufacturers. The Circle View is a great option if you're looking for an all-in-one camera that can be used as a full security camera within HomeKit.

Does Apple have a security doorbell? ›

Overview. Wemo Smart Video Doorbell offers an easy and convenient way to safely monitor your home with a large field of view, HD video, and secure recording capabilities. Working exclusively with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, it's an easy way to a simpler, smarter, and more secure home.

Is Blink compatible with HomeKit? ›

Yes. Blink cameras work with Apple Homekit, which means you can control them with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. All you have to do is download the free Home app on your Apple device, and you'll be able to control your cameras from anywhere.

Is Arlo better than EUFY? ›

If you're looking for a new home security system and want something easy to set up, reliable and that has excellent features, then either Eufy or Arlo will work for you. However, with higher video quality and superior smart home integrations, Arlo is overall a better option for home security.

Is there a doorbell camera better than Ring? ›

The Arlo or the SimpliSafe doorbell may not save you money, but they offer better security features than the Ring. They have a wider field of view, easily capturing packages on the ground, and the SimpliSafe doorbell even comes with a heat sensor to improve detection.

Is it better to have Ring doorbell Wired or wireless? ›

Installation/Wiring: The Ring video doorbell model is wireless, while the Ring Pro model must be hardwired. Each method has its advantages. Wireless equipment is handy and easy to install, while hardwired equipment tends to be more reliable and you won't need to worry about changing batteries.

Can HomeKit devices be hacked? ›

Yes, theoretically, Homekit devices can be hacked. However, if you make sure to set up additional safety measures like two-factor authentication, it will significantly reduce the chances.

Can I have 2 homes in HomeKit? ›

Apple's HomeKit platform allows users to create and manage multiple homes. Multiple homes add flexibility and convenience when managing products across multiple locations or residences.

How many cameras do I need around my house? ›

As a general rule, 3-4 cameras for the following areas are a great start for most homes: A doorbell camera to keep an eye on the front door and packages. 1-2 outdoor cameras for the front and back of the house. An indoor camera inside to watch valuables, kids, or pets.


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