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Increasingly, as technology evolves, knowledge will be scattered across different locations. There is also the problem of information getting stuck in emails, social media platforms, forum discussions, comments, and even in the heads of service desk agents. Unless you already have one, it’s time to consolidate your knowledge into one system or repository commonly known as Knowledge management. Knowledge base functionality makes it easy for users to search for common customer support issues and resolutions.

Did you know that91% of customers would use an online knowledge base, if available and tailored to their needs?

We live in a world of convergence where everyone wants access to accurate information. In most cases, customers prefer to search their questions and receive an immediate response to their questions.

Knowledge bases can enhance the efficiency and quality of customer service. A knowledge base functionality provides a means to manage and maintain the information, but creating one can be challenging.

A comprehensive, well-maintained, and easily accessible knowledge base is a must; more than 6 out of 10 United States consumers prefer a self-service tool for simple inquiries.

A knowledge base can encompass many forms of content, including:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Step-by-step process guides
  • Introductory articles
  • Video demonstrations
  • Glossaries and definition lists
  • Community forums

This article will explain what a Zoho desk’s knowledge base management is and what benefits it has.

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What Is Knowledge Base software?

Knowledge bases serve as databases for information sharing and management. The purpose of a knowledge base is to offer both your customers and your team detailed information about your product or service.

Knowledge management software provides businesses with powerful tools to store, organize, and share company-specific information in one location.

Its goal is to answer all of the common questions your business may have. For this reason, they are also known as self-service portals.

A Zoho desk’s knowledge base is a centralized online database of information about a product, service, department, or topic. Customers and employees can collect, organize, retrieve, and share knowledge with it. It can be used to store data on how a new product, hardware, or software works. In addition, it provides troubleshooting guides, FAQs, Community forums, knowledge base articles, and other information you might need.

Why you need Zoho desk’s knowledge base management system?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, both speed and knowledge are crucial.Nowadays, customers demand fast and accurate information or they will go somewhere else.

In a recent customer servicereportby experts, it was found that of the 1,000 companies surveyed, the average response time was a huge 12 hours and 10 minutes.

To clearly see how customers react to their customer service journey, let’s take a look at some statistics from a recent Harvard Business Review.

  • 65% of customers expect a resolution to their issue at first contact
  • 50% of consumers are only willing to wait one week for a response to their question before they take their business elsewhere
  • 62% of customers think that having knowledgeable employees is the third most important aspect needed for a company to provide good customer service.

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Benefits of using Zoho desk’s knowledge base in organizations

With the Zoho desk’s knowledge base portal and knowledge management program in place, you will find that your organization is more responsive and efficient. This knowledge management system will also help you improve self-service, provide greater access to more knowledge base articles, and provide regular updates. To help customers spend less time and effort getting answers to their questions and moving on, knowledge bases are a cost-effective solution.

Here are the benefits of knowledge management software that can make a difference to your organization:

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1. Facilitate customers with self-service knowledge base portal customization

Recent research shows that mostpeople prefer to find their own answer first before they will reach out for help. An effective knowledge base is where they will look! Zoho desk’s knowledge management tool allows you to import media and rich text to your articles. In the self-service portal, you can facilitate communities and forums that let customers ask questions and share ideas.

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Image- Portal customization

2. Support of 24 hour

It doesn’t matter if your customers are on the other side of the world from your customer service team; this online customer portal robust powered by a knowledge management solution can be there for them to fetch the relevant piece of information. As a result, it enhances customer satisfaction.

3. Knowledge can be delivered contextually.

The customer does not have to begin at page one and read all the way through. With the Zoho desk’s knowledge base solution, you can deliver the right piece of information at the right time. With a step-to-step guide, DIY videos, screenshots are supported on the self-service portal giving customers a chance to learn more about the company’s product suite.

4. The knowledge base can generate useful reports and insights.

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Zoho desk’s knowledge base tool has reporting and insights options, you can see how your knowledge base is being used, what people are searching for, how they search if there are knowledge base gaps, and so forth. This information can be used to improve your knowledge base content, as well as your products and services.

5. Serves as a Repository of Best Practices

In some cases, your business’s survival may depend on your employees’ knowledge. The knowledge it has drives it forward every single day.

The customer self-service is a knowledge-sharing portal that allows you to share the knowledge of your support agents with your customers. Write help and relevant articles and FAQs that are valuable to your customers. Then you can create a knowledge repository with educational and relevant content for your employees and customers.

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Image- Repository of articles

6. Maximize agent Productivity

Are your employees spending too much time searching through cluttered inboxes, unorganized repositories, and the like?

Using Zoho desk’s knowledge base platform, all the knowledge is centralized and accessible. You needn’t scroll back for months to find a single document in your inbox. Thus, your customer support agents will be able to focus on more critical tasks and won’t waste time searching for files. It improves the resolution rate for complex issues and builds a meaningful relationship with customers.

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7. Helps Your Customer Support Team

Moreover, by providing your customers with easy access to a knowledge base, they can find the answers they need. As a result, your support team can handle more important issues and tasks. Zoho desk’s knowledge base is available in form of an FAQ page, articles; your support agents won’t waste time answering basic, mostly generic questions. In addition, you’ll be able to reduce your helpdesk maintenance expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

8. Solves Problems Proactively

Our environment is constantly changing, so reacting to problems as they arise is not enough. In other words, the focus should be on being proactive, not reactive.

By providing interactive guides, tutorials, step-by-step guides, artificial intelligence through the Zoho desk’s knowledge base, you can provide added value to your customers. It will keep your customers occupied, and your customer service agents will handle more important issues when your customers require assistance.

9. Improved content quality and consistency

Improving the quality of the knowledge base will improve the quality of content and information across multiple service channels. Zoho desk’s knowledge base management software helps in ranking your topic on top of a search engine and improves its online visibility for your knowledge article.

Get started with the new Zoho Desk software Knowledge base management

Providing a good customer experience is an essential part of a good customer service strategy. In today’s technologically connected customer-focused world, a great digital customer experience is so important. With Zoho desk’s knowledge management platform, businesses can increase their customer experience in a multitude of ways. Consistent information across all channels can enhance customer loyalty by building trust in the brand and company. Zoho desk’s an easy-to-use, intuitive knowledge base software that encourages customers to help themselves.

“Today’s technologically connected customer focus world requires great digital customer experiences”

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