Ocelot vs. TiA Chatbot vs. oculavis SHARE Comparison (2022)

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  • STARS Campus for Career Colleges

    STARS Campus Solutions is a web-based campus management system built to maintain operational records for colleges and schools. Secure, fast, and reliable, STARS offers a wealth of features beneficial for schools. These include CRM, mass email and texting capabilities, smart calendars, instructor grade book, point of sale system, attendance scanning, document management, and more. Maximize your school's potential with STARS.When you request a STARS online demo, our team reserves time according to your schedule. We address your particular challenges with capturing your career college's student data and working effectively with it to improve every area of campus operations. You’ll experience our team’s expertise in information management as well as effective postsecondary school operations.We built STARS to be the most reliable and most secure career college management system, and we've built outstanding career schools using it! Contact us today to learn how STARS can help you!

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  • Wisenet

    Wisenet, a division of Adapt IT, is the leading provider of integrated cloud learning relationships management software. Headquartered in Melbourne, Wisenet serves hundreds of vocational education providers globally.Composed of experts in education and training management, compliance, web application development, and information technology infrastructure, Wisenet delivers unrivalled services in data management, hosting and security, and web application development.

  • QuickSchools

    QuickSchools - Online Student Information System is a robust, easy-to-use SIS for schools of all sizes.Orchestra by QuickSchools is our new stand-alone Master Scheduler Builder.You don't install hardware and software, you don't manage backups, nothing like that. We manage all of that on our end. Simply connect via the Internet to your school site on QuickSchools.com. Log-in, and you're up and running.From tracking student and teacher information to managing your day-to-day operations from admissions through graduation, we got you covered. Enjoy our features such as attendance, report cards, grade books, scheduling, fee tracking, homework, and creating a master schedule using Orchestra by QuickSchools.Click on the 'SCHEDULE DEMO' button to visit the Orchestra website.Teachers find our software a joy to use, and they can't live without it once they've started. Help your school to be more organized and save valuable time for your entire faculty.

  • MySchool SIS

    MySchool, K-12 school management software is an extensive all-in-one cloud-based, school administration & student information system. Our platform is designed to streamline your school operation, communicate with your entire community and be simple to use while offering extensive configuration. MySchool is used around the world by independent schools to large governmental networks, with personal support at every step. Our refreshingly simple pricing makes MySchool an easy choice.MySchool includes, Registration and admissions, grading, student attendance, communication, bus routes, event management, finance, scheduling and timetabling, learning management - LMS and VLE, parent & student portals and much more.

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  • Pipedrive

    After a year of using Pipedrive, our customers have:- Increased the number of deals in their pipeline by an average of 93%- Reduced the time it takes them to close a deal by an average of 46%- Increased the average value of their closed deals by an average of 21%Below is a sample of Pipedrive’s features:- Sales pipeline: Use our visual pipelines to drag and drop deals, add activities and follow up on leads- Automations: Automate your sales-related legwork to stay focused on your deals- Lead generation: Generate, prioritize and follow up on your leads with a multi-feature toolset- Integrations: Use our open API or one of our 275+ out-of-the-box integrations to seamlessly integrate Pipedrive with your business- Reports and insights: Forecast, focus and monitor the impact of your team’s actions with dashboards and custom filters- Security and privacy: Control when and how your business data is being used with our Security CenterTry Pipedrive free for 14 days!

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  • Pronto

    Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects people via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly. Not everyone is comfortable with new technology. At pronto, we’re looking out for frontline workers and designed Pronto to be the most frictionless, easy-to-use communication product on the market. Most of today’s workforce either doesn’t work at a desk, or works remotely. Pronto is designed mobile-first and keeps you connected right from your mobile phone— even when you’re on the go.

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  • Gradelink SIS

    Help your school save time, increase enrollment, and achieve its mission with Gradelink. An award-winning student information system and school management system, Gradelink school management software system is suitable for Preschool through High school. Gradelink is a great fit for higher education and for small colleges. Gradelink combines school management, teaching, and learning tools to help schools perform their best. Top features include attendance management, report cards, classes and scheduling, standards-grading system, communications, student information, and student/parent access. Lesson plans, grade sheets, parent communication and custom reports all work together in perfect unison. Gradelink is ideal for K8 schools, private schools and Charter schools.Gradelink is easy to use. School who move to Gradelink find the setup so easy because set up is handled by our tech support team.

  • Tidio

    Tidio is a live chat service which allows you to communicate with your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots. It is designed specifically for many platforms in the online community. Once you install the plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!One compact solution can delight your customers and fuel your sales. Half of all online customers prefer live chat over any other communication channel. Connect Tidio to all websites and platforms via dedicated plugins, without coding. The Tidio live chat widget adjusts to your customers’ screens, so they can write to you on mobile and tablet. Our live chat widget is customizable: you can change its placement and color, so it fits with your website aesthetics. You can adjust the positioning of the live chat button in a mobile version of the widget.

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  • Qualified

    Qualified helps companies generate pipeline, faster. Tap into your greatest asset - your website - to identify your most valuable visitors, uncover signals of buying intent, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and instantly start sales conversations.Qualified is the #1 pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Qualified helps leading B2B companies tap into their greatest asset - their website - to identify their most valuable visitors, uncover signals of buying intent, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and instantly start sales conversations. Powered by the Xforce platform, Qualified is uniquely designed for Sales Cloud customers and offers two core products: Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals.

  • FileInvite

    Stop chasing your clients for documents. Easily request files, documents, forms & digital signatures from your clients – set a due date and save hours as your requests are returned to you effortlessly.Why do our customers choose FileInvite?1. A noticeable decrease in document return times. FileInvite customers have experienced an average 34% decrease in document turnaround when adopting our document collection system.2. The drastically simplified client experience. FileInvite reduces the steps your clients need to take by up to 5 times, compared to requesting information by email.3. A customer support team that prioritizes your success. FileInvite's customer support team has been rated 5 stars across 100+ reviews in Capterra.Delight your clients with the FileInvite experience. Send your first Invite in just five minutes when you sign up for a free trial.

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