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Summary of Game

Meet the girls of Crush Crush!

In the Moist Edition of Crush Crush, you can take your fun and flirty relationships to the Next Level. (The Next Level is the name of your bedroom, in this example).

After a few bumpy introductions, you must impress the girls of Crush Crush by getting jobs, earning promotions, and boosting your stats. Take them on romantic dates and sweep them off their feet with thoughtful gifts. Work your way up from Frenemy, to Crush, and finally Lover!

Once you reach lover, you’ll unlock nude sexy-time scenes, as well as the ability to buy outfits or undress your favorite waifu.

Crush Crush is an “idle” game, which means it is always running. Set the game up as you like, and then come back later to see how you have progressed!

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Key Features

Developer: Sad Panda Studios

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Crush Crush: Moist & Uncensored is a free-to-play “idle” dating game where you meet, flirt and have have sexy-time with a cast of sweet, seductive, and sometimes scary girlfriends.

Featuring 20+ beautiful girls, with more updates on the way! Also a bear.

A “Time Block” system that lets you set up what stats you’re working on, and make progress even when you’re not playing the game! A unique ‘Time Block’ management system that allows you to prioritize the most important jobs and hobbies to run!

Earn momento photos of your relationships, including saucy nude pics for reaching “Lover” status. Boobs!

Buy gifts, dates and healthcare coverage for your girlfriends to sweep them off their feet - just like real life! Buy special outfits for your waifus, and dress them up! And undress them! Like I said, boobs!

Crush Crush is free to play! There are microtransactions if you want to boost your progress, but it’s super casual so don’t sweat it, dawg. You earn diamonds just by playing. Those sexy-time nudes are within your grasp. So play Crush Crush: Moist & Uncensored. I mean, why not? It’s got a bear, remember? (Don’t worry, it’s not as strange as it sounds. There’s magical stuff involved. She’s like a… like a shape changer? It won’t get weird.) Also there’s a cat lady. Hmm.

Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored Review

Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored is one of Nutaku’s dating sims developed by Sad Panda Studios that allows players to switch between not one, not two, but a constantly updating supply of sexy women.

By buying gifts, going on dates, and simply talking to your sweetheart, players can sweep their loved ones off their feet and carry them straight into the bedroom. The object of the game is for players to jump between the seductive Crush Crush girls and show them different forms of affection to prove their love.

If players can provide her everything she requires, like dates to the Beach or bouquets of flowers, perhaps they will take the relationship to the next level and score the ultimate victory: a trip to the bedroom.

Relationships take time to build and Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored demonstrates this nicely by allowing you to nurture all aspects of companionship. Not only does Sad Panda Studios demonstrate these dynamics in a realistic way, but they have crafted characters so unbelievably appealing players will become addicted to satisfying their needs. Second best to the beautiful babes is the excellent gameplay of Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored. The minimalist point-click controls allow you to focus on the prime task of winning these stunning babes’ affection.

The fixed-screen layout is convenient but taunting. While you work to win the heart of these promiscuous women you’re forced to gaze upon their enchanting bodies and peer into their seductive eyes which may either be motivating or challenging, that is up to the player! If you want to take a break from playing, that’s just fine. Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored has an offline feature that will keep your game running smoothly for up to seven days while you’re away! Since this is a browser game, having this option is not only convenient but is inevitably necessary so this feature was an excellent addition to the game!

Another delightful addition is the “Offline Earnings” screen, which immediately greets you after logging back in. This screen details your earnings made while you were away. This is an excellent addition which is not only appreciated but necessary in a game of this nature since players can’t tend to their girls all the time! So worry not, your ladies won’t leave you if you leave them alone for a few days!

I warn players, winning the hearts of these alluring ladies in Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored is going to take time so do not feel dismayed if progress seems slow. By going to the Stats tab and clicking “Reset” players can restart the game from the beginning with a major enhancement on cooldowns, work, dates, and more. However, they will keep all achievements and purchased perks. I highly suggest doing this because it will make the game significantly easier!

Although there are microtransactions in the game, I did not find them necessary whatsoever while playing since I was able to generate so much profit via working. Just remember to use the “reset” tool and you will really bring in the money for your darlings! You may have heard it refuted but Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored proves it true: one woman is never enough to leave you satisfied. Each alluring seductress will mesmerize players and leave them wanting more. From their enticing dialogue to their mouth-watering aesthetics, I warn you now: the girls of Crush Crush Moist and Uncensored will become your new addiction.

Even as a female, I found myself lost in the eyes of Quill, a standoffish Crush Crush girl who is destined to become your sexy kitten. So, get ready to play and I’m not talking about the game!

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Rating: 8.6

Author: Gaming Cypher

Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored Overview

It isn’t everyday that you get the opportunity to brush the dust off your flirting skills- and lord knows that dating can be a tricky deal. It’s okay though, Nutaku has you covered! Step into the magical world of Crush Crush - Moist and Uncensored, a dating sim clicker game in which the many ladies you meet will give you a hard time- only to reward you later with some sweet, sweet action!

Once your bumpy introductions have been made (you’ll see what we mean by this), your goal will be to earn the affection of the ladies you once hurt. With a wide range going from movie dates to blessed strolls under the moonlight, you’ll fill up those affection meters, all while taking care of your girlfriend(s) needs by meeting their requirements. And what better way to do that than to offer gifts and take them out on romantic dates? Now now player, settle down! If you think you’ve found the ultimate recipe to be the perfect boyfriend, think again. Just like everybody else, your babes all have different needs and wants, based on their personality traits.

You may have played dating sims before, but have you ever seduced and dated a bear? You can trust us when we say that Crush Crush is a game like no other. The sweet visuals will keep your eyes satisfied with everything you might be looking for, while entertaining you with fun pick-up lines. Isn’t it nice to have ladies hit on you, instead of the other way around? While Cassie is more of the sassy kind, you will also get to flirt with the nerdy Mio, the quirky Quill, the existential Elle, and so many more lovely darlings!

To cater to their needs and earn their affection, pick up on various jobs and hobbies, that will all grant you different skills and, most importantly, the cash you need to make the most of your special time with your dates! Wave any dry spell goodbye and say hello to the wonderful realm of casual dating- as well as all the sexy perks that come with; that’s right, once you reach “lover”, you’ll unlock steamy uncensored scenes, as well as many other abilities, like buying outfits for your waifus- or undressing them.

Unlike some games, Crush Crush is always running when you’re not playing. You can come and go anytime (hehehe), and your seductive adventures will continue. Though we recommend not letting your relationship go in auto-pilot mode. Better be safe than sorry! Being on multiple successful, or miserable, dates can sometimes make you think of that one time it got real steamy. Listen, we get it; the good old times are often so good, you can’t help but reminisce about them. Good thing there’s a memory album for you to see anytime you’d like, eh?

Oh, and you might want to keep an eye out; a special character is going to show up unexpectedly. Surely you’ll recognize her ;)

-The Nutaku Team

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News and Updates

2020/01/31 Oooh La La!

Hey Panda Peeps! Or should we say, 'Allo Bonjour Pandas!

We’ve got a new Phone Fling all cooked up and ready to serve! But like a fine French soufflé, this one should be savored. Grab yourself some “grape juice”, kick back, and meet Francine.

Francine may seem like an ordinary French girl. But anyone who has ever dated a French girl knows - none of them are ever “ordinary”. The closest they come is in the word “extraordinary”. And Francine is no exception.

(Video) Death of a Game: Grand Theft Auto 4 Online

We hope you enjoy Francine’s story. As always, let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in future Phone Flings.

Love you all so hard! Au revoir! ~

The Pandas

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2019/12/19 Hot Dog!

Hey Panda Peeps!

Okay - so I know that some of you aren’t going to put Bearverly in your Top 10 Waifu lists. Maybe you feel a little odd about Catara. I mean, not everyone can be a “cat person”.

For some people, the whole “magical / adorable anime girl connected loosely to an animal” trope may be a little…. Odd. To you.

So on that note - heeeeeeeere’s Tessa!!!

Tessa is a good girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, long walks in the park, long walks on a short pier. She is a massive walk fan. You walking somewhere, and she is THERE.

She’s here to make you laugh and smile and go, “It would be really funny if I could understand my dog. Also - awkward. Because dogs do things that would make a lot of people blush and fidget.”

We hope you love her. Because she already loves you. And she is so READY to protect you from bears and squirrels and neighbors walking a little too close to your driveway.

She’s everything you dream she is, and more. Don’t miss your chance to unlock her and begin to flirt with the idea of explaining her to your significant others.

(Video) The Skin Doctor and Random Roblox Online Games

You’re awesome, and we love you so hard!


The Pandas

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2019/12/05 New Phone Fling: Babybelle!

Hey Panda Peeps!

We’ve got an extra sweet surprise for you today - a new Phone Fling which not only will brighten your day, but also expand the Crush Crush Universe in bold and shocking ways. :O

Ms. Babybelle would love to chat! And you might recognize her when you see her face. She looks just like her sister…

Enjoy! And as always, let us know what you think of Babybelle, and any ideas you have for future Phone Flings.

Love you all so hard!


The Pandas

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Friv Launcher adware removal:
  1. Windows 11 users: ...
  2. Windows 10 users: ...
  3. Windows 7 users: ...
  4. macOS (OSX) users: ...
  5. Windows XP users: Click Start, click Run, in the opened window type inetcpl.cpl In the opened window click the Advanced tab, then click Reset.
31 Dec 2021

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What are sites like y8? ›'s top 5 competitors in August 2022 are:,,,, and more.

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Friv Games 4+

This app is a free collection with tons of fun games in 1 App! You can find girls games, puzzle games, cooking games, sport games and more.

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Where is friv games 's headquarters? friv games is located in Portland, Oregon, United States . Who are friv games 's competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to friv games may include Foxy Bingo , Jigidii , and Casual Challenge .

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What popular games are free right now? ›

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Below are some of the top game sites not blocked by school.
  • is a website that specializes in flash-based, browser-based, and downloadable games. ...
  • Unblocked Games 24h. ...
  • Subway Surfers. ...
  • Unblocked Games WTF. ...
  • Unblocked Games Pod. ...
  • Unblocked Games 66. ...
  • Unblocked Games 77. ...
  • HoodaMath.
24 Aug 2022

What is the #1 game in the world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
2.MinecraftMojang Studios
3.FortniteEpic Games
4.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
16 more rows

How much does GTA Online cost? ›

How Much Does GTA+ Cost? GTA + costs $5.99 a month, and you'll need to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto V or GTA Online. The price is standard for monthly gaming subscriptions, but you may want to weigh up whether the benefits are worth the price tag.

Is GTA 5 online free forever? ›

To clarify once again; the game is free to keep forever. You don't need PlayStation Plus to redeem the game, it is however required to play the game since it's an online title.

How do free games make money? ›

The most obvious way to make money from a free game is to sell advertising space. Advertising may be sold upfront for a one-off charge, or with the advertiser paying a small amount every time someone clicks on their ad, or even every time someone looks at it.

What is the most downloaded free game? ›

See the top mobile games worldwide for February 2022 by downloads, according to Sensor Tower data. Garena Free Fire from Garena was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for February 2022 with 21.8 million installs, which represented a 22.7 percent increase from February 2021.

How do you play banned games at school? ›

How to unblock games on a school computer with a VPN
  1. First, you'll need to sign up with a trusted VPN provider. ...
  2. Now you can download the VPN's app on your device. ...
  3. Install and then log in to the app. ...
  4. You should now be able to access your favorite online games without restriction!
16 May 2022

Why do schools block all games? ›

Why do schools block games? Schools want their students to be productive and focus on their studies during their time, which is why schools block gaming apps or gaming websites. Unfortunately, many scammers are on the gaming websites; therefore, schools prefer to block gaming websites.

Where can I find unblocked games? ›

Here are the best unblocked game websites you can access right now:
  • Unblocked Games 66 EZ.
  • Unblocked Games 76.
  • Unblocked Games World.
  • Tyrone's Unblocked Games.
  • Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Unblocked Games 77.
  • Unblocked Games 6969.
8 Mar 2022

What is the biggest online game? ›

Top 10 Online Games in The World
GameOnline PlayerLaunch Year
Fortnite Battle Royale39 Million2017
Apex Legends50 Million (1 Month)2019
Leauge of Legends (LOL)27 Million2009
Counter Strike; Global Offensive32 Million2014
6 more rows

What is the most downloaded game? ›

Android: top 50 games of 2022 so far
RankGameCombined score for downloads & revenue
2Candy Crush Saga143
3Coin Master130
46 more rows
30 Jul 2022


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