Most Advanced Chatbot Apps Powered by Artificial Intellect (2022)

Just a little time ago it looked almost certain that the speed at which social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) were coming at us would kill and bury the messengers and chat services. And now the situation looks absolutely upside down. Igor Magazinnik, Viber co-founder, believes that Facebook head managers were so scared of the users leaving for messengers that they bought WhatsApp.

The people are obviously getting tired of all the publicity, other people’s news and the ads which flood the timeline. Personal communications are now being moved to messengers that are yet to start annoying people with useless information.

It’s turned out that the messengers are worthy opponents for all their rivals on the mobile apps market. And with every day it gets clearer that artificial intellect-powered chat-bot apps are playing quite a big role in that. Chat-bots are companion programs that talk to people using their language and respond to their requests. They can help you get the latest news or exchange rates, choose the flight that suits you the most, book that you should read next or music band. They can translate words for you, order any items you like and even find you a matching couple.

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The experts believe that chat-bots are the new way of interacting with interface and have already nicknamed them “invisible apps”.

Chat-bots don’t waste your traffic for downloading and time for installing, don’t need much space on the screen and in internal memory of your smartphone. Worldwide attention to mobile apps, of which there are millions already, is starting to fade away.

It’s hard to argue that chat-bots are generating so much attention, first of all, because it gives us the possibility to make work with computers more natural — instead of working with interface you will be able to just say what you need and get it done.

Even if this bot is not exactly the “smartest” or most advanced and needs to learn or you need to use specific commands in order to use it, the possibility to make something happen via just saying something to bot is magical in its own way.

Chat-bots are often a part of the messenger, but there also are bots that work independently and can be used for specific needs. We listed 5 of the best chat-bot apps for Android and iOS that fulfill the potential of AI below.


Luka will most likely remind you of a good friend that you can spend time with: discuss the weather, chat about the latest news, share your thoughts about new place that you visited or just entertain yourself during a boring day.

It’s worth noticing that Luka has been an app that helped you find restaurants in its early days. It was able to remember what the user likes and basing on that, and also on the history of user’s requests that he sends to the app via SMS, chose the café or restaurant that is most suitable for him.

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The user could ask Luka if there were, for example, any good Mexican restaurants around, what dishes are worth giving a go there or if there’s a Wi-Fi connection available. The app analyzed people’s feedbacks on Yelp and Foursquare and reviews of restaurant critiques and advised the user where to go or answered any of his questions.

The app could not only give short answers to the questions but also provide such information as restaurant’s location, menu, phone number and even photos of some dishes. Moreover, the app had a good system of interacting with user and his taste, namely it requested your opinion on certain places that you visited. The point of this is further adaptation to one’s taste and preferences.Most Advanced Chatbot Apps Powered by Artificial Intellect (3)

Not long ago the app was updated by the developers. They added some other helpful bots, such as Foodie, Weather, Wiki, Video, Gif, Pic, News, Founders, Search, Calculator, Quiz and QuestHero. Every single one of them is always available to everyone, so you can ask your questions even in the middle of the night. You just need to type the question that you’d like to ask and you will be redirected to the bot you need.

It’s free to download and doesn’t have a lot of ads and other annoying content. So, how does the monetization of such a helpful app work then?

The point is that there’s a table reservation function in the app. And since it’s there, the developers can obviously take a little fee for middleman functions. You can also sometimes see the sponsored recommendations while looking for a restaurant.

Luka’s creators are looking forward to their app’s future and are optimistic and positive about it. They’re not going to stop where they are and it’s promising.


The next name on our list of the apps on chat-bot platform is Lark – your pocket coach and nutritionist.

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If you want to be in shape and good physical conditions, but simply don’t have enough time or money for personal coach and training in the gym, Lark could be a good solution for you.

Modern phones have a lot of different pre-installed and downloadable apps that help you keep track of your daily activity, stay as healthy as possible and transform your style of life into something more matching for you. Lark (iOS) and Lark Chat (Android) aren’t different here, but the most important and notable thing about it is quite exclusive: she won’t be much worse than your special fitness coach in giving you personal advices about losing weight or controlling your eating.

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Basing on the information you enter at the start of using Lark and data that it collects while you use it, this app can give you some kind of advice or make a note regarding your actions. You can talk to Lark like it’s your coach, tell it what you’ve eaten today, how hydrated you are or what level of physical activity you believe is more suitable for your day. Lark was created in cooperation with experienced professionals in the field of sleep, eating and so on, so you can be sure that it will give you the most reliable and high-quality data.

Talking to you, the app can boost your morale, motivate you to not give up or push you to your limits and make you reach your goal.

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Lark is a paid app, the subscription will cost you $19 per month, which seems quite reasonable considering all the things it does. It’s also always with you, wherever you are and whenever you need it.


Sometimes we all need a personal accountant, who’ll help us keep track of our budget, incomes and outcomes.Penny makes it possible.

User’s interactions with Penny are based on chat platform, which makes it different from other finance apps. When the user decides to download and open the app, Penny begins to communicate with him: it sends the messages about what he should do. The input of outcomes and incomes, binding of bank account and much more is possible through the commands in the chat.

Penny doesn’t yet speak natural language and can’t detect all questions, because it only operates with a pre-installed set of commands. The creators of the project, though, admit that for some users it’s even more comfortable than making their own requests, cause not everyone knows how to ask finance planner about something.

Penny can not only understand and process the questions from a user but also gives him recommendations on how to use his money more effectively. And all of it with the help of a chat!

The developers are looking to add processing of natural requests to Penny in the near future.

Penny only works with American banks, so it can be a problem, but there’s hope that they can expand their reach to other regions. Meanwhile, this might be a perfect possibility for non-US citizens to create a similar chat-bot project in their country or region.


The finance keeper Digit can move the money to another bank account to help make a capital cushion.

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The majority of existing apps for controlling finances are helpful for the people who can get used to living like that and keeping track of all the finances. Digit can help even those, who just can’t stop spending money: it simply moves a part of their money to their reserve bank account.

Digit calculates every transaction basing on a history of one’s outcome, current balance and a whole lot of other factors. Moreover, not a single transaction can be made without user saying “yes” to it.

Another thing that makes Digit different to other budget planners is that it doesn’t show you outcome statistics. No graphics, you can only see money left on the main account, how much was moved to the second account and what’s the average amount of money per transaction. The communication with the services is organized through SMS.

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The user can request the info by sending the SMS: for example, the message “Last” will make Digit send you data about three last operations with the account.

Digit is now only available in the USA.

Hello Hipmunk

Hello Hipmunk is more of an addition to an existing app that helps you book tickets and plan your journey.

The planning of a trip can be a nightmare for some people. Planning, searching for a place to live, booking the tickets and hotels — all of this has to be made by everyone, who wants to spend his vacation well. And everyone has different questions and problems.

Hipmunk is a company that helps people organize their trips since 2010, and they have launched their own personal travel helper, Hello Hipmunk, that is based on AI. It helps you through e-mail, you can also give it an access to your Google Calendar and HM will make sure that you book your tickets on time.

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The rising popularity of chat-bots suggests that we’ll spend more and more time using messengers and that it’ll be easier to use a special bot than to download the separate app to use certain services. There’s a great example of such scenario in China, where 650+ million people use the messenger WeChat to not only communicate with each other but also to get access to services included in it.

It may take time for people to adapt to such reality, but there’s a strong possibility that bots will win — because they are just so easy and comfortable to use that it’s almost impossible to resist.

If you are interested in applying the latest achievements in the field of e-communication to win your market share and expand your business, do nothesitatetocontact us! This is your chance to seize new opportunity and use innovative tech and attract new customers!

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